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Welcome to my web page !

As you can see it is under construction, but ... I expect soon to be finished

... or maybe I think so


Just take a look in a clear night at sky
far stars how marvelous twinkle -
not because of us, but just so
for no particular reason,

how cold stony they are
to triumph and sorrow, love and pain,
upsurge and doom.


 But you could never, at no time
be like them...
Because you are one flying away moment
from the circum;
Because you are the flower, which
rapturously flourish...and fade away
imbibed the heat from the hands of
a fugitive rain, which passes away

EARTH, Europe , Bulgaria , Sofia-

N 420 41'

E 230 19'

Temporary I reside in Film City - Prishtina , Kosovo

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You' ll see new things ..soon :)  

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